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Great Roofing Sign and Slogan in Missouri

steveparkhurst | August 24, 2009 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Small Business,Visual | Comments (0)

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I was recently in Missouri and I saw this great sign advertisement outside of St. Louis. Two things really struck me about the sign, both are probably noticeable to you as well.

First, what a great usage of a mini-roof, for a roofing company, on their actual sign. Very clever, I really like that. Second, their slogan may be the best slogan in the roofing business. Brilliant usage of the “whole” and “hole” with regard to a roof.

If you are familiar with a better slogan, then please share it with us here on the blog.

There is a great lesson to be understood here, or two lessons. Slogans can matter and they should be well thought out. And, if yours is great, utilize it in as much of your marketing as possible. And, when you can incorporate what you do into your marketing items, that is also great. Similar to placing a roof on top of a roofing sign, if you are a coffee giant and you can put your logo on a coffee cup, do it with pride. If you are a tire maker and you can spell your company name on the outside of a tire, do that as well.

If you are getting started and you need some help, or if you’re ready to do some re-branding and you do not know where to start, we are ready to talk with you.

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Magnavox Stereo Ad From 1968

steveparkhurst | August 13, 2009 in Advertising,Marketing,Visual | Comments (0)

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I love this ad from a 1968 issue of Newsweek, not so much because the marketing is particularly brilliant, but mainly because it is interesting to see the types of products that were sold in the past, and to think about the modern day equivalent. Selling back in 1968 was also a lot different than today. I really love when they suggest that we check the Yellow Pages for an authorized Magnavox dealer.

Anyway, this is just a fun ad from yesteryear. Not everyone will know what a phonograph was, they are known as turntables today.

Magnavox Stereo Ad 1968 - The Parkhurst Group