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Eye Doctor Advertising Can Be Simple

steveparkhurst | April 29, 2011 in Advertising,Green Marketing,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Wow. Eye doctors have it really easy don’t they? When they need to display a message with just a visual, a pair of glasses works just fine.¬†Universally, if someone needs to indicate a schedule or something timely, they can use a calendar or a clock. In this case, a pair of glasses lay on a calendar and viola, there is a great, effective visual.

So, the optometrists and other doctors among us, probably have it the easiest.

This optometrist went an extra step with the “printed on recycled paper” postcards. A good example of green marketing. These postcards aren’t glossy, they aren’t bulky or too thin, but they convey a message with enough color and depth to be effective. The fact the optometrist was willing and able to use environmentally friendly cards was a nice, smart touch. In all likelihood these cards are only being mailed to return clients, so finding a less expensive way to reach that group of clients makes sense. Not that you want to treat your client base badly. Remember, it costs less to keep a client than to get a new client.

Eye Exam postcard - The Parkhurst Group

This is a very effective postcard. Many could learn from this simple design. Remember, using more words does not always mean you’re saying more. This powerful postcard only uses six words, which only serve to reinforce the visual display.