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Starbucks Says: Let’s Create Jobs

steveparkhurst | June 29, 2012 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Starbucks has now said it, let’s do it. Right?

The coffee giant has put a lot of thought, effort, and apparently money, behind this current campaign. A quick look around a local Starbucks reveals signage (like that below), coffee tumblers, Indivisible blend coffee, bracelets for $5 and a foldout paper handout about jobs and the economy.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of this campaign. Starbucks has its name behind the campaign, so that gives this effort a huge head start. I’m curious where the money goes for this campaign, and how exactly all of this will work, as in, how will buying from Starbucks help create jobs that are not Starbucks jobs.

Starbucks Lets Creat Jobs - The Parkhurst Group


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John Egan Played Monday Night

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Houston blues artist John Egan performed once again Monday night at The Big Easy. John put on a great show, as usual. If you haven’t made it out to hear him yet, you’re missing out. If you have ever been to The Big Easy, you know it is not a well lit place for photography. One of the patrons last night (@psedillo), took and tweeted this picture. There was probably a flash involved, and then probably an app such as Instagram or Hipstamatic. Anyway, this is cool and you never know when a fan or a friend will step up and do something cool for you, like take a great pic. And something like this can make for a nice advertising piece. The performer might even add it to their website or their next CD insert or cover.

John Egan at The Big Easy - The Parkhurst Group

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Snickers “Sample Lady” Ad Funny From Start To Finish

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This ad from Snickers absolutely cracks me up. The ad is for their Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. There are numerous funny elements that easily keep you following the storyline: How can you say you’re in love with her, you just met her at the supermarket, what can you possibly do together, the mother’s disdain and disgust, the father actually tries a sample, you’re not taking her to the beach with us, let’s just keep an open mind, mother storms out. Brilliant all.

The actors that play the dad and the sample lady were perfect choices. The dad saying “let’s just keep an open mind” absolutely seals the deal. I think this ad could have been shown during the Super Bowl. Kudos to Snickers.

Dallas On TNT Pasture Ad

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It’s pretty cool what these guys did to promote Dallas on TNT. Is pasture advertising the next big thing? What’s the value associated with this sort of ad?

Dallas on TNT Ad -

Houston’s The Big Easy Blues, A Regular Stop For John Egan

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It’s cool to see John Egan listed as a regular at The Big Easy Blues on their in-house specials printouts around the place. If you live in Houston or find yourself in town on a Monday night, stop in to The Big Easy and listen to a little blues. Rice Village is nearby, as well as the Upper Kirby District, so there’s plenty to do in the area both before and after the show.

John Egan Lineup -