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The Power of Display and Brand

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Let’s say you somehow happened upon some frosted snowman cookies, neatly stacked in a plastic container, turned and rotated properly so the package contained as many cookies as practical. And the entire package was wrapped in cellophane and has a label with nutrition information. You could also possibly find a loaf of banana walnut bread wrapped and labeled. This is kind of what those items would look like:

Starbucks Cookies - The Parkhurst Group

Now, let’s pretend you are standing in line at your local Starbucks, ready to order your favorite drink,and you stare into the pastry case. This is what you would see:

Starbucks Cookies Display - The Parkhurst Group         Starbucks Banana Walnut Bread - The Parkhurst Group

That’s the power of having the Starbucks brand behind your item. I’ve never been under the illusion that Starbucks pastries are actually prepared in the stores, I have afterall read Howard Schultz’s Onward, and I know the items are prepared at another location and delivered to the stores. But, it is still amazing to me to see what the power of the brand and a nice display can do.

Cyber Monday 2012

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Here’s hoping you’re surviving Cyber Monday 2012. Share with us what great advertising or marketing you’ve seen. What got you onto store websites today? If you have kids or people you buy for and someone said “that’s a great deal, I want that”, what was the hook to catch them? As always, you can post a comment here on the website, or you can tweet to us @ParkhurstGroup. Cyber Monday -


Old Navy Goes Old School With Christmas Vacation Ad

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Christmas time for me is never complete until I see my two favorite Christmas movies: A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Neither movie ever gets old to me, in fact, they get better with age as new things mean something to me.

In case you have not seen it yet, Old Navy is running a new campaign which features Chevy Chase enacting a modern day version of the Christmas Vacation house lighting scene. I saw the ad on tv for the first time, I thought it was somewhat humorous, and I put the ad behind me as I was not sure what they were selling (I’m not familiar with “pop pants”). It wasn’t until later though, when I saw twitter chatter, that I realized the commercial also featured Clark Griswold’s original wife and daughter from the movie, actresses Beverly D’Angelo and Juliette Lewis.

So, I’m left to wonder what the strategy was with this ad. Were we instantly supposed to recognize the two female actors, who played lesser roles in the commercial? Was this an ad to get people talking and asking questions about “pop pants”? It’ll be interesting to google the commercial in the days to come and see if outlets are reporting on this new commercial.  This ad could simply have been a good business move for Old Navy around the Christmas shopping season. If it gets people talking and thinking about Old Navy in general, and about “pop pants” in particular, that could be a great business decision.

Black Friday 2012

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Black Friday 2012 has officially arrived. As this is posted, some stores have already been open for a few hours. Will this be the greatest shopping day of the year, or will that be reserved for Cyber Monday? Share your thoughts and stories with us here, or on twitter @ParkhurstGroup.

Small Business Saturday 2012

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Saturday, November 24th is Small Business Saturday, where Americans are encouraged to “Shop Small”. American Express is behind the concept which encourages consumers to support smaller businesses. This is an economy boosting idea. Small businesses are great for the economy and this helps to show them support, and the deals some small businesses are offering is a way to remind consumers that they can often do better than the big box stores.

Small Business Saturday - The Parkhurst Group

You can follow @ShopSmall on Twitter, and if you do any shopping, be sure to use the hashtag #SmallBizSat on Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook, Pinterest and anywhere else you might talk about your Small Business Saturday activity. For business tools, maps to participating stores and all the other information you will need to be effective on Small Business Saturday, check visit Shop Small.

Follow On Pinterest

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If you’re not yet following on Pinterest, now is a good time to fix that.


Pinterest -


Ten Billion Lives Ad Vehicle

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I spotted this van in a grocery store parking lot last night (it was hard to miss, right?). I’d apologize for the bad lighting, but it was dark, it was a parking lot, and this picture is from my phone. To the point though; as a passerby, I was struck by the bigness of the truck, followed by the unique messaging. The short quotes are to the point and help drive home the idea that the 4-Minute Video is a must-see thing. The truck lures the viewer to this website, I’m not going to spoil the video other than to say it is graphic.

In general, this is a pretty effective way to advertise. The message is short enough and memorable enough that people seeing the van in traffic have time to recall the necessary elements. And, in the case of how I saw the van, park it in a well trafficked parking lot and it will get plenty of notice. I’d argue that I did not even see this van at what the owners and drivers would have considered peak hours. This was a grocery store parking lot with several restaurants, a coffee shop and an ice cream store; the drivers could have been grabbing a snack or a meal, yet their vehicle was doing its job: advertising.

Ten 10 Billion Lives - The Parkhurst Group

If you’ve seen other vehicles like this, Tweet or Pin them to me, let’s see which ones are the best.

John Egan Starts Off Thanksgiving Week

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If you need a little blues music to get your Thanksgiving week started, check out John Egan on Monday night at The Big Easy Blues in Houston. This is a great chance to get started with the Christmas shopping for the blues enthusiast in your life; a signed CD makes a great gift.

John Egan - The Parkhurst Group

From the Houston Chronicle

Skyfall Starts at 12:07

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Yes, for those wondering (probably no one), I am indeed at a midnight showing of Skyfall. Among many great things associated with movie promotions and branding is being able to incorporate something like the movie start time with the name of the movie, or its main character. In this case, the “midnight” showing, actually starts at 12:07 – get it? For 007. Now, I think a more accurate way to do this would have been at 10:07, but we can argue about the legality of that when the next Bond movie comes out.

Skyfall 12:07am - The Parkhurst Group

Skyfall Theater Banner

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The James Bond promotions teams never have a shortage of cash or ways to promote the latest 007 film. See the huge banner in the local Edwards theater, this banner is hanging from the ceiling.

Skyfall Theater Banner - The Parkhurst Group