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Record Store Day 2013

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Record Store Day The Parkhurst Group

Saturday is Record Store Day across America. It is a great day to celebrate independent businesses and a great way to celebrate great sounds. Check out to find a location near you and to find out what bands are releasing special items just for Record Store Day. Many record stores will be having live music along with other great specials. For instance, in Houston, Cactus Music will be offering free beer from Saint Arnold, along with free breakfast in the morning, and free coffee, provided by Katz Coffee who has a special Record Store Day blend, called Black Vinyl Blend. How cool is that?

I’ll have a recap after Record Store Day, with many notes and highlights. If you venture out and want to share your day with others, use hashtags #RecordStoreDay #rsd2013 #rsd13 on Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest…and anywhere else you might share your thoughts, pics and purchases.

Google’s Tax Day Image

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Google’s home page image today seems fitting enough: it resembles the US Tax Code.

Google Tax Day Image - The Parkhurst Group

Houstonians Can Get Tax Day Relief With John Egan

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After you have taken care of your taxes on Monday, stop in at The Big Easy Blues on Kirby and take in some great Blues jams. If you are getting a refund of your money, throw a few dollars in John’s tip jar, or pick up a CD. If you have spent the last several days stressing out, this is a great way to let off some steam, enjoy a few beers and some live, local Blues.

John Egan - The Parkhurst Group

March Ad Madness

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The Wall Street Journal has a really interesting chart about the ad dollars spent during March Madness going back to 2003.

March Madness is the nation’s top postseason sports franchise for TV advertising. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament drew more than $1 billion in national TV ad spending last year, beating each of the postseason totals for pro football, basketball, baseball and hockey. (Figures for 2013 will soon emerge.) Average price of a 30-second ad spot in last year’s championship: $1.34 million.

In addition to the overall numbers, I found particular interest in the gradual increase in spending from 2003 to 2008, with a big jump from 2007 to 2008. But then, along with the global economic crash, spending was down in 2009 and 2010, with a jump back up in 2011 and 2012.

John Egan Plays Monday Night Opposite NCAA

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If your college basketball team did not get as far as you had hoped (I’m right there with you) or if you don’t care to root for Michigan or Louisville on Monday night, Houstonians can head over to Big Easy Blues on Kirby and catch some great local blues music by John Egan.

John Egan The Parkhurst Group

If you do make it out for the show, let me know what you think. Pick up a copy of John’s CD Phantoms while you’re there, John will even sign it for you.