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Who Is Buying Super Bowl Ads?

steveparkhurst | February 2, 2014 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional,Television,Visual | Comments (0)

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As we all prepare to watch Super Bowl 48 later today, the Wall Street Journal has a pretty interesting graphic that shows spending on Super Bowl ads has grown over time. The graphics is actually interactive on the Journal website, but this is also a good summation of everything it shows.

Wall Street Journal Super Bowl Ads

George Zimmer Out At Men’s Wearhouse

steveparkhurst | June 19, 2013 in Advertising,Marketing,Television,Visual | Comments (0)

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KFI in Los Angeles is reporting today that George Zimmer will no longer be the radio and tv ad voice. I am not sure why, I guess the tv and radio ads did a really good sell, but I always assumed George Zimmer was the founder and owner of the Men’s Wearhouse. I guarantee it (c’mon, I had to say it). Zimmer has to go down as one of the most recognizable ad men of all time.

So, this news came as a bit of a shock today.

So, who should replace George Zimmer? Personally, I’m hoping for the Geico Gecko.

CiCi’s Pizza and the Wise Use of Instagram

steveparkhurst | May 12, 2013 in Advertising,Branding,Instagram,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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By Steve Parkhurst

I recently found myself in a CiCi’s Pizza location for dinner. As an aside, I think they have the best cinnamon rolls in the history of the free world.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the table tent on the tables. I found it interesting that CiCi’s would use an entire table tent to promote one social media outlet, as opposed to all their outlets, like most other establishments. Having looked at their Instagram account though, I can absolutely understand why they’re doing it this way. Their Instagram account is fun and it is definitely centered around their customers, driving the engagement level up.

CiCi's Pizza Instagram The Parkhurst Group

I’m interested to know what other businesses are utilizing any social media outlet in a particularly spectacular way. Who else does a great job of driving up customer engagement?

Google’s Tax Day Image

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Google’s home page image today seems fitting enough: it resembles the US Tax Code.

Google Tax Day Image - The Parkhurst Group

March Ad Madness

steveparkhurst | April 9, 2013 in Advertising,Marketing,Visual | Comments (0)

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The Wall Street Journal has a really interesting chart about the ad dollars spent during March Madness going back to 2003.

March Madness is the nation’s top postseason sports franchise for TV advertising. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament drew more than $1 billion in national TV ad spending last year, beating each of the postseason totals for pro football, basketball, baseball and hockey. (Figures for 2013 will soon emerge.) Average price of a 30-second ad spot in last year’s championship: $1.34 million.

In addition to the overall numbers, I found particular interest in the gradual increase in spending from 2003 to 2008, with a big jump from 2007 to 2008. But then, along with the global economic crash, spending was down in 2009 and 2010, with a jump back up in 2011 and 2012.

John Egan Still Stomping And Howling

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John Egan is still tearing it up on the Houston Blues scene. Stop in some Monday night and check him out.

John Egan 2013 The Parkhurst Group

Natachee’s “Best Burgers in Midtown” Ad

steveparkhurst | March 1, 2013 in Advertising,Marketing,Visual | Comments (0)

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The latest from Natachee’s.

Natachee's 2-28-13

Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

steveparkhurst | February 18, 2013 in Advertising,Earned Media,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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In case you missed it today, Burger King’s twitter account was hacked, and used as a promotional weapon for McDonald’s.

Burger King Twitter Hacked

Photo from

Elena Zak of the Wall Street Journal has a pretty good accounting of the situation, including a lot of really good tweets, I highly suggest taking a look. You can see that McDonald’s denied any complicity in the hacking. That was followed by a tweet suggesting that all eyes were now on Wendy’s.

In this embarrassment, I see great and fun opportunities for Burger King to show some humility, laugh at itself and turn this into a positive. Perhaps McDonald’s can use the occasion to cover-up and eliminate their awful new product name that I wrote about recently. I doubt they are taking my advice of that one just yet.

If you were Burger King, how would you respond to this hacking? What ways would you turn this into something fun and positive? Comment here on the blog or tweet us, @ParkhurstGroup.

That Will Help Sell More Copies For Sure…

steveparkhurst | February 16, 2013 in Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I saw this store display today for Sports Illustrated’s newest Swimsuit issue. Now, upfront, I don’t know who created this display, Sports Illustrated or the store that was selling the magazine. But, I have to imagine that the warning signs will help to sell magazines one way or the other.

I also find it interesting that the store went to the trouble to cover up the magazine cover, as you can see below:

SI Swimsuit - The Parkhurst Group  SI Swimsuit - The Parkhurst Group


Only to see the cover reveal this:

SI Swimsuit - The Parkhurst Group


I am not sure what is so secretive about this cover, I have seen worse covers in recent years, for other magazines, and those magazines did not come with warnings like this.

What do you think it going on here? Sales ploy by the store? Sales ploy by Sports Illustrated? Too much discretion by a store manager not wanting to offend anyone? Share your thoughts.

Zabak’s Plays Host To Art By Cherisse

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I posted previously about my friend and artist Cherisse Goodwin, aka, Art By Cherisse. Cherisse currently has an ongoing exhibit of nearly twenty pieces dominating the walls at Zabak’s Mediterranean Cafe is Houston. As you can see from the pictures below, the exhibit features many themes and colors and if you are an art collector or just looking for the right piece for a new room, you are likely to find something to suit you at Zabak’s.

Art By Cherisse Zabak's The Parkhurst Group


Art By Cherisse Zabak's The Parkhurst group

If you do not see what you are looking for, be sure to check out Cherisse’s website where you might find that exact right piece of art. Cherisse has been very engaging on Pinterest and Twitter, so feel free to engage her and ask questions if you’re looking for something in particular. Her entire selection is not yet digitized and online, so she may have something you’d like, all you have to do is ask.

Stop in to Zabak’s, located at 5901G Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057, take a look at the art and enjoy a very affordable meal at one of Houston’s great Mediterranean cafes, not far from the Galleria. You won’t be sorry.

If you stop in, let us know here on the blog, or on twitter, what you think about either Zabak’s or the Art By Cherisse exhibit.