John Egan Played Monday Night

steveparkhurst | June 27, 2012 in Music,Visual | Comments (0)

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Houston blues artist John Egan performed once again Monday night at The Big Easy. John put on a great show, as usual. If you haven’t made it out to hear him yet, you’re missing out. If you have ever been to The Big Easy, you know it is not a well lit place for photography. One of the patrons last night (@psedillo),¬†took and tweeted this picture. There was probably a flash involved, and then probably an app such as Instagram or Hipstamatic. Anyway, this is cool and you never know when a fan or a friend will step up and do something cool for you, like take a great pic. And something like this can make for a nice advertising piece. The performer might even add it to their website or their next CD insert or cover.

John Egan at The Big Easy - The Parkhurst Group

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