Natachee’s Print Ads Really Impress

steveparkhurst | December 14, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I wrote previously about Natachee’s in Houston and their newspaper advertisements. While many of my original questions are still unanswered (that’s my own fault for not having gone to Natachee’s yet), I am really enjoying opening up the Houston Chronicle’s 29-95 insert every week and seeing the Natachee’s ads.

As you can see in their latest ad, these ads are very simple. There are really only two colors used in addition to the newspaper colors of black and white. The art is simple: a jug of the good stuff, some onion rings and a crushed beer can. The wording is minimal: Happy Hour, the hours, and four pretty easy to recognize specials. And of course, the use of the word FREE is catchy and smart. Another great ad by this design team.

Natachee's Houston Chronicle - The Parkhurst Group

I’m definitely going to check these guys out. If you’ve already been there, post a comment here or tweet usĀ @ParkhurstGroup.

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