San Antonio Riverwalk Poster

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This is a great older poster for San Antonio. I don’t see any markings, but I could assume this poster was the creation of the convention and visitors bureau. The only drawback I see is that IĀ suppose someone would have had to have been familiar with the Riverwalk in order to understand this poster. Not everyone would look at a boat surrounded by water, buildings and a bridge and instantly think San Antonio, or Riverwalk.

You will notice the font is older and unique. The use of capital and lowercase letters is a bit odd, but given the era this is probably from, along with the font being used, this probably worked well. Overall, this method of advertising is very good, I’m just not sure this poster worked. If you’re familiar with the origins and purpose of the poster, I’d love to hear that.

I’m not sure which three other cities qualify as “unique” and thus round out the “four”. Do you know?

San Antonio Poster - The Parkhurst Group

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