Sears Auto Center Christmas Radio Ad

steveparkhurst | December 22, 2012 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional | Comments (0)

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I heard a rather good Sears ad on the radio today. Without recalling it 100% accurately, I’ll do my best to rehash the gist and the effective catch.

The ad was specifically for Sears Auto Center. They were trying to get people to come in for oil changes and other car repairs. The pitch for the quick oil change included the offer of a $5 coupon good for using at Sears while you wait for your car. What a hook! And at Christmas time no less.

If you’re the right kind of business, the kind that can offer auto work AND shopping for any number of other items, this sort of promotion is a great hook. The $5 coupon from the oil change can be parlayed into extra dollars being spent in your store at the same time, and the real beauty is the multi-tasking that takes place, in which the customer never has the time to think “how much longer is this oil change going to take??”.

Give your business model some thought and see if a similar promotion will work for you. Think about the local grocery store with a floral center inside, a customer can go in and order an arrangement with balloons and stuffed animals, and the item is ready by the time the customer completes their grocery shopping.

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