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A Christmas Story Continues To Grow

steveparkhurst | December 24, 2012 in Television,Visual | Comments (0)

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As I tune in to TBS to watch a portion of their annual 24 hours of A Christmas Story, I am always struck at the cash cow that the movie has become. The movie has spawned an entire industry based upon the movie.

The home the movie was filmed in, in Ohio, is now a tourist site with a gift shop. You can go into any number of stores during the Christmas season and see pink bunny costumes, full-size lamps shaped like a leg, and of course, the Red Rider air rifle.

This does not even get into the tv rights and the video sales each year. My own collection, pictured below, consists of an early edition of the VHS, a later edition of the VHS, and then a DVD. I still own them all. I have not yet purchased any of the other items I mentioned above, though I know some people who have and I know people who have toured the house.

As for now, I still enjoy the movie each year, and while TBS airs the movie 12 times over 24 hours, I will catch parts of 6-8 showings of the movie as the family tends to leave the tv on that channel the entire 24 hours.

A Christmas Story - The Parkhurst Group

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The Year’s Most Bizarre Ad?

steveparkhurst | December 17, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I’m not sure whether this is the most bizarre ad of the year, or just the most out of context ad of the year. I guess if someone looks at this ad and wonders why Bubba’s did this, well, that gets people thinking about Bubba’s.

Why is Ralphie from A Christmas Story featured on the ad, yet there is no mention of “Ralphie” or “A Christmas Story” on the ad?

Bubba's Ad - The Parkhurst Group

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