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WSJ: GM Ads Over the Years

steveparkhurst | January 14, 2013 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Visual | Comments (0)

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The Wall Street Journal has an interesting post on its website featuring six classic ads from General Motors from 1956 to 2010.

As a baseball fan, I prefer image number 3, but I will admit that for some people this particular ad may not have worked out too well. While I enjoy visuals, that one is just too many images. Add that to the fact that one had to understand the saying about “baseball, a hot dog and apple pie”.

Anyway, take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Natachee’s Print Ads Really Impress

steveparkhurst | December 14, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I wrote previously about Natachee’s in Houston and their newspaper advertisements. While many of my original questions are still unanswered (that’s my own fault for not having gone to Natachee’s yet), I am really enjoying opening up the Houston Chronicle’s 29-95 insert every week and seeing the Natachee’s ads.

As you can see in their latest ad, these ads are very simple. There are really only two colors used in addition to the newspaper colors of black and white. The art is simple: a jug of the good stuff, some onion rings and a crushed beer can. The wording is minimal: Happy Hour, the hours, and four pretty easy to recognize specials. And of course, the use of the word FREE is catchy and smart. Another great ad by this design team.

Natachee's Houston Chronicle - The Parkhurst Group

I’m definitely going to check these guys out. If you’ve already been there, post a comment here or tweet us @ParkhurstGroup.

End of the Year Marketing Budget Redux

steveparkhurst | December 1, 2012 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional,Small Business | Comments (0)

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Last year, I wrote about end of the year marketing budgets. I figured I would link to that article again as December begins and many businesses or individuals face the same year-end questions they faced last year.

Read, End of the Year Marketing Budget.

This year, just as last year, we are here if you need us. If you need to be creative or want some fresh ideas, contact us.

Cyber Monday 2012

steveparkhurst | November 26, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Here’s hoping you’re surviving Cyber Monday 2012. Share with us what great advertising or marketing you’ve seen. What got you onto store websites today? If you have kids or people you buy for and someone said “that’s a great deal, I want that”, what was the hook to catch them? As always, you can post a comment here on the website, or you can tweet to us @ParkhurstGroup. Cyber Monday -


Ten Billion Lives Ad Vehicle

steveparkhurst | November 17, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I spotted this van in a grocery store parking lot last night (it was hard to miss, right?). I’d apologize for the bad lighting, but it was dark, it was a parking lot, and this picture is from my phone. To the point though; as a passerby, I was struck by the bigness of the truck, followed by the unique messaging. The short quotes are to the point and help drive home the idea that the 4-Minute Video is a must-see thing. The truck lures the viewer to this website, I’m not going to spoil the video other than to say it is graphic.

In general, this is a pretty effective way to advertise. The message is short enough and memorable enough that people seeing the van in traffic have time to recall the necessary elements. And, in the case of how I saw the van, park it in a well trafficked parking lot and it will get plenty of notice. I’d argue that I did not even see this van at what the owners and drivers would have considered peak hours. This was a grocery store parking lot with several restaurants, a coffee shop and an ice cream store; the drivers could have been grabbing a snack or a meal, yet their vehicle was doing its job: advertising.

Ten 10 Billion Lives - The Parkhurst Group

If you’ve seen other vehicles like this, Tweet or Pin them to me, let’s see which ones are the best.

Skyfall Theater Banner

steveparkhurst | November 8, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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The James Bond promotions teams never have a shortage of cash or ways to promote the latest 007 film. See the huge banner in the local Edwards theater, this banner is hanging from the ceiling.

Skyfall Theater Banner - The Parkhurst Group

Texas Road Sign Can Double As Advertisement

steveparkhurst | September 13, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Texas now has a few select roads where driving 85 is allowed by law. So, that leads me to wonder if this sign might be featured on upcoming versions of Texas tourism brochures, pamphlets or tv commercials. And Chamber of Commerce officials might want to take notice, this is the sort of thing that can lure people away from traffic-ridden places like California. Texas is advertising, just by displaying its mandatory road signs.

Texas, Speed Limit 85 - The Parkhurst Group

Natachee’s Newspaper Ad: Simple, Funny, Effective

steveparkhurst | August 24, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I saw this ad in the local paper for a place called Natachee’s in Houston. I have not been to Natachee’s, so I don’t know how and if the ads relate to the location itself, but they are pretty interesting. The ad does many things, it poses many questions, and it offers a solution.

Natachees 29-95 - The Parkhurst Group

Who says “supper” anymore, that’s kinda cool. What’s the bird all about? Is that a flamingo? Is that a pelican? What’s with the comic figure who has two teeth?

The bottom line though, is that the classic advertising ploy works here: they offer a problem (skipping breakfast), and they offer a solution to that problem (we always serve breakfast). I think this is a clever ad, and fortunately it’s not too wordy. The ad also contains only four colors. What do you think of the ad?

If you’ve been to Natachee’s, tell us what you thought about it, here or on twitter @ParkhurstGroup

Jamba Juice and Great QR Code Use

steveparkhurst | March 25, 2012 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I stopped into a Jamba Juice today and I saw this sign and it really struck me. I’m really impressed with the use of the QR code in the middle of the strawberry. Besides taking this picture, I used my phone to also scan the QR code and it works exactly as designed.

Jamba Juice Insider QR - The Parkhurst Group

Anyway, there are so few perfect ways for inserting a QR code. What Jamba Juice did here is great and effective.

Hear? Hear What?

steveparkhurst | January 21, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional | Comments (0)

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You might see some advertising or hear a radio ad and ask yourself, “what exactly were they trying to sell there?”. I saw this comic today and I thought this seemed appropriate to such a scenario. Some advertisers miss the mark by saying what they think needs to be said, as opposed to what really needs to be said to sell a product or otherwise engage the potential customers. Some get too creative and over-think what they’re doing. In some cases, this might be considered tone deafness.

Hear Beer Comic - The Parkhurst Group

Are you hitting the mark with your advertising? Are you perceived as tone deaf? If you cannot affirmatively answer “Yes!”, then we should talk.