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New Starbucks Products And Associate Understanding

steveparkhurst | July 18, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional | Comments (0)

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I tweeted earlier today:

I was in a Starbucks earlier and I was witnessing the baristas describing and selling the new “refreshers” drinks. There were tiny sample cups for both the very berry and lime flavored drinks. I thought for being a new product, the baristas really knew what they were talking about, they weren’t just selling (or attempting to sell) they were engaging and they were answering questions. The baristas had all sampled the drinks and they even went so far as to state their preferences. Starbucks has obviously put a few dollars into having their associates be knowledgeable about the new products they are introducing. This is a worthwhile investment and I’m sure the Starbucks bottom line is reflecting positively from this marketing investment.