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Two Notes From a Dollar General Visit

steveparkhurst | December 23, 2016 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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New readers might want to note that in late 2012 I lamented a Valentine’s display that I saw just three days after Christmas. I stopped into a Dollar General on December 23 of this year for some last minute Christmas decorations and Christmas candy.

My visit was notable here for two reasons:

    1. I always find these “not-to-be-seen-by customers” store display layouts for the managers and employees to get things set up according to the higher-ups.
    2. Today is still two days before Christmas, and they already have their Valentine’s Day stuff ready to sell, and it’s not like I caught them in the middle of setting this up, it was completely decked out.
      Dollar General Valentine's Before Christmas


Starbucks Red Cups Are Back For 2013

steveparkhurst | November 1, 2013 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Promotional | Comments (0)

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Starbucks Red Cup 2013

It’s November 1st, which of course means last night was Halloween. Oh and, the famous red cups at Starbucks are back today. Easily one of the greatest branding moves in the history of marketing, the red cups mean something different to everyone. Today, I even bypassed using my reusable cup so I could experience the red cup.

Get Ready, It’s Time For Valentine’s Day 2013

steveparkhurst | December 28, 2012 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional | Comments (0)

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Today I was in a local pharmacy, and greeting me near the front door was a card display. Upon further inspection, wow! It’s Valentine’s Day cards for sale just three days after Christmas.

Valentines Day - The Parkhurst Group     Valentines Day - The Parkhurst Group

Count me among those not looking forward to the time when I’m doing Christmas Eve shopping and I see the Valentine’s Day cards. For now, we can be glad that the Valentine’s merchandise is not on sale prior to Christmas.

Sears Auto Center Christmas Radio Ad

steveparkhurst | December 22, 2012 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional | Comments (0)

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I heard a rather good Sears ad on the radio today. Without recalling it 100% accurately, I’ll do my best to rehash the gist and the effective catch.

The ad was specifically for Sears Auto Center. They were trying to get people to come in for oil changes and other car repairs. The pitch for the quick oil change included the offer of a $5 coupon good for using at Sears while you wait for your car. What a hook! And at Christmas time no less.

If you’re the right kind of business, the kind that can offer auto work AND shopping for any number of other items, this sort of promotion is a great hook. The $5 coupon from the oil change can be parlayed into extra dollars being spent in your store at the same time, and the real beauty is the multi-tasking that takes place, in which the customer never has the time to think “how much longer is this oil change going to take??”.

Give your business model some thought and see if a similar promotion will work for you. Think about the local grocery store with a floral center inside, a customer can go in and order an arrangement with balloons and stuffed animals, and the item is ready by the time the customer completes their grocery shopping.

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Yamahopper For Christmas?

steveparkhurst | December 20, 2012 in Advertising,Marketing,Visual | Comments (0)

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I’m really sorry I never crossed paths with the Yamahopper. This sweet ride was featured in a 1979 issue of Sports Illustrated. I’m sure this was quite the Christmas gift back in 1979. If you ever “drove” one of these or owned one of these, I’d love to hear that story.

Yamahopper - The Parkhurst Group

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Black Friday 2012

steveparkhurst | November 23, 2012 in Advertising,Earned Media,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Black Friday 2012 has officially arrived. As this is posted, some stores have already been open for a few hours. Will this be the greatest shopping day of the year, or will that be reserved for Cyber Monday? Share your thoughts and stories with us here, or on twitter @ParkhurstGroup.

Starbucks Red Cups 2012

steveparkhurst | November 2, 2012 in Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Starbucks has brought the red cups back! Only a powerful brand like Starbucks can make people take notice of a cardboard coffee cup.

Starbucks Red Cup - The Parkhurst Group

Alka Seltzer Christmas Ad From The Past

steveparkhurst | December 22, 2009 in Advertising,Marketing,Visual | Comments (0)

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With Christmas just a few days away, I thought I would share this ad from the past. This ad for Alka Seltzer appeared in a November 1979 issue of Sports Illustrated. It is quite interesting to see how they tried to peddle a product like Alka Seltzer back then. The parody of Twas The Night Before Christmas is pretty clever. The poetry portion of this is pretty well done. I’m not so sure the Santa with the sleigh and reindeer was necessary, but it does illustrate Christmas.

Alka Seltzer 1979 - The Parkhurst Group

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