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About That Personalized Gift Card Idea…

steveparkhurst | December 13, 2012 in Pinterest,Promotional | Comments (0)

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I recently wrote about Starbucks introducing their new etched metal gift cards. In that post I also suggested that at some point there would likely be a Starbucks card which would include “getting your card custom printed with images you can upload from your computer or phone and 2-4 weeks later your card will arrive in your mailbox.” Well, in my email inbox this morning, I see that Dunkin’ Donuts is offering such a card┬áthis Christmas. This was such a no-brainer. It’s a great idea to offer this capability, and $2.99 is a more than reasonable price. As you can see, the cards will still include the Dunkin’ logo, but the card front will feature plenty of space for your photo of choice. Will anyone have the Starbucks logo printed on their card?? What a visual that would be.

Dunkin' Donuts personalized - The Parkhurst Group

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