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Family Bookstore Thrives By Bucking Trend

steveparkhurst | December 15, 2012 in Earned Media,Small Business | Comments (0)

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It is great to see Becker’s Books featured on the front page of the Houston Chronicle’s Ultimate Memorial edition. The bookstore website is one of the best around for older and out-of-print books. If you’ve had trouble finding something in the past, be sure to search their website and see if they can deliver for you. If you’re in Houston, stop in to the Spring Branch area bookstore and spend some time with a cup of coffee and a treasure trove of great books.

Becker's Books 12-13-12 - The Parkhurst Group

You might even take a few pics while you’re there, if you do, tweet them to us @ParkhurstGroup or pin them on Pinterest.


Becker's Books sign - The Parkhurst Group     Becker's Books in store - The Parkhurst Group

Two pictures, taken by me on my most recent visit to Becker’s Books.

Natachee’s Print Ads Really Impress

steveparkhurst | December 14, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I wrote previously about Natachee’s in Houston and their newspaper advertisements. While many of my original questions are still unanswered (that’s my own fault for not having gone to Natachee’s yet), I am really enjoying opening up the Houston Chronicle’s 29-95 insert every week and seeing the Natachee’s ads.

As you can see in their latest ad, these ads are very simple. There are really only two colors used in addition to the newspaper colors of black and white. The art is simple: a jug of the good stuff, some onion rings and a crushed beer can. The wording is minimal: Happy Hour, the hours, and four pretty easy to recognize specials. And of course, the use of the word FREE is catchy and smart. Another great ad by this design team.

Natachee's Houston Chronicle - The Parkhurst Group

I’m definitely going to check these guys out. If you’ve already been there, post a comment here or tweet us @ParkhurstGroup.

Natachee’s Newspaper Ad: Simple, Funny, Effective

steveparkhurst | August 24, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I saw this ad in the local paper for a place called Natachee’s in Houston. I have not been to Natachee’s, so I don’t know how and if the ads relate to the location itself, but they are pretty interesting. The ad does many things, it poses many questions, and it offers a solution.

Natachees 29-95 - The Parkhurst Group

Who says “supper” anymore, that’s kinda cool. What’s the bird all about? Is that a flamingo? Is that a pelican? What’s with the comic figure who has two teeth?

The bottom line though, is that the classic advertising ploy works here: they offer a problem (skipping breakfast), and they offer a solution to that problem (we always serve breakfast). I think this is a clever ad, and fortunately it’s not too wordy. The ad also contains only four colors. What do you think of the ad?

If you’ve been to Natachee’s, tell us what you thought about it, here or on twitter @ParkhurstGroup