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Blues Artist John Egan Featured In New York Times Article

steveparkhurst | December 7, 2012 in Earned Media,Music | Comments (0)

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Houston blues musician John Egan was featured in this article about going to record stores recently in the New York Times:

John Egan, “Phantoms” (Gin Diaries)

The son of a former Houston Rockets point guard and coach of the same name, Mr. Egan is a regular presence on the Houston club scene, playing dark but rich-sounding solo blues on a resonator guitar.

“He’s been kicking around Houston for years and just starting to get the credit he deserves,” Mr. Bishop said. “He’s a stomping, hollering bluesman. But in a lot of ways, along with the blues, it’s also got an outsider-folk element to it, like it’s cut from the cloth of a classic Tom Waits record. It’s a really dark and masterful album.”

John Egan Starts Off Thanksgiving Week

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If you need a little blues music to get your Thanksgiving week started, check out John Egan on Monday night at The Big Easy Blues in Houston. This is a great chance to get started with the Christmas shopping for the blues enthusiast in your life; a signed CD makes a great gift.

John Egan - The Parkhurst Group

From the Houston Chronicle

Natachee’s Newspaper Ad: Simple, Funny, Effective

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I saw this ad in the local paper for a place called Natachee’s in Houston. I have not been to Natachee’s, so I don’t know how and if the ads relate to the location itself, but they are pretty interesting. The ad does many things, it poses many questions, and it offers a solution.

Natachees 29-95 - The Parkhurst Group

Who says “supper” anymore, that’s kinda cool. What’s the bird all about? Is that a flamingo? Is that a pelican? What’s with the comic figure who has two teeth?

The bottom line though, is that the classic advertising ploy works here: they offer a problem (skipping breakfast), and they offer a solution to that problem (we always serve breakfast). I think this is a clever ad, and fortunately it’s not too wordy. The ad also contains only four colors. What do you think of the ad?

If you’ve been to Natachee’s, tell us what you thought about it, here or on twitter @ParkhurstGroup

Check Out John Egan On Monday

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John Egan 7-23-12

Appeared in the Houston Chronicle

If you’re in Houston on Monday evening, stop in and check out blues musician John Egan. CD’s will be available and you won’t be disappointed. The Big Easy is on Kirby, not far from Rice Village and Goode Co. Barbecue, so it’s easy to find and there’s plenty to do in the area.

John Egan Played Monday Night

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Houston blues artist John Egan performed once again Monday night at The Big Easy. John put on a great show, as usual. If you haven’t made it out to hear him yet, you’re missing out. If you have ever been to The Big Easy, you know it is not a well lit place for photography. One of the patrons last night (@psedillo), took and tweeted this picture. There was probably a flash involved, and then probably an app such as Instagram or Hipstamatic. Anyway, this is cool and you never know when a fan or a friend will step up and do something cool for you, like take a great pic. And something like this can make for a nice advertising piece. The performer might even add it to their website or their next CD insert or cover.

John Egan at The Big Easy - The Parkhurst Group

Do you have any cool tips for marketing musicians, authors or other artists? Leave a comment here or tweet us @ParkhurstGroup.

Houston’s The Big Easy Blues, A Regular Stop For John Egan

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It’s cool to see John Egan listed as a regular at The Big Easy Blues on their in-house specials printouts around the place. If you live in Houston or find yourself in town on a Monday night, stop in to The Big Easy and listen to a little blues. Rice Village is nearby, as well as the Upper Kirby District, so there’s plenty to do in the area both before and after the show.

John Egan Lineup -

John Egan Appears At Cactus Music

steveparkhurst | May 12, 2012 in Advertising,Music,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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John Egan appeared at Houston’s famous Cactus Music earlier this year for a live performance and CD signing. This is a great picture, taken and tweeted by @psedillo. One interesting aspect is the unintentional advertising being done with this photo. I think it’s cool to see John jamming some blues, with the Cactus sign above and behind him, along with the sign for Saint Arnold Brewing Company to his left, clearly visible. Both signs are very familiar to Houstonians. So, in a piture John will use nationwide to promote himself, two other entities are also benefiting from John’s efforts.

John Egan at Cactus Music 2012 - The Parkhurst Group

Natachee’s Final Four Ad

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Maybe not their best effort, but an interesting way for Natachee’s to attempt to get Final Four fans into the place while they’re in Houston

Natachee's Final Four Ad

Matchbooks: Lloyd’s Restaurant Houston

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These matchbooks for Lloyd’s in Houston are simple, yet interesting.

The design is very, very simple, and there is incredibly little wording. The minimal wording is highlighted by the way Lloyd’s uses “THE” to position themselves as the only place worth eating at in Houston. Very smart. This was always a subtle reminder whenever someone reached inside to get and light a match.

Finally, if you know anything about Houston or the Houston region, you know there are at present three prominently used area codes. To dial anywhere in Houston, one must dial the area code. The fact that Lloyd’s listed a phone number, minus the area code, tells you these matchbooks are rather old and Lloyd’s existed “long ago”.

Lloyd's matchbooks - The Parkhurst Group

We’re always interested in your feedback and maybe the visuals of some of your favorite matchbooks. Email them to Steve @ this domain.

Houston Band Luxurata Releases CD

steveparkhurst | September 29, 2009 in Advertising,Marketing,Music,Promotional | Comments (0)

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Houston based band Luxurata has a CD release concert this coming week. I first heard Luxurata at an event a few weeks back and I really liked their music. I also heard some of the band members interviewed on the radio and I liked what I heard. This is a good band and I hope they do well. Follow them on twitter for updates.

I’m becoming more interested in the music marketing game. If you’ve seen some great music marketing or want to offer your two cents, email me Steve @ this domain and let me know.

Luxurata CD Release Poster