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The Commodore 64 Celebrated At 30 Years Old

steveparkhurst | April 4, 2012 in Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I was at Barnes & Noble earlier today and I noticed this “book” in the magazine section. For those of you too young to remember, before their was Nintendo anything, before there was Playstation, before there was the iPad, the iPhone or the iPod, before there was Atari 2600 and before there was MacBook…there was the Commodore 64. Here now, in one great book/jumbo magazine, we can all celebrate that greatness of Commodore 64.

Commodore 64 book - The Parkhurst Group

Apple Announces iPad 3

steveparkhurst | March 7, 2012 in Earned Media,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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One of the greatest marketing machines of all time, Apple, held an event today in California to unveil their latest iPad 3. A complete recap of the event and all the new iPad details can be found in this PC Mag recap. Recaps like the one PC Mag is running, are worth more than some of the best advertising Apple could create. Earned media at its finest.

Apple Logo PCMag - The Parkhurst Group

The new iPad will hit stores on March 16th, but it can be pre-ordered on the Apple website today.

Apple iPad3 PCMag - The Parkhurst Group

The Loss of Steve Jobs

steveparkhurst | October 5, 2011 in Leaders | Comments (0)

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The world lost a tech titan and visionary today with the passing of Steve Jobs. I’m sure there will be many great visuals over the coming days, months and years, but for now, this mosaic is pretty cool and it seemed right to post it.

RIP Steve Jobs Mosaic