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London 2012 Newspaper Visuals

steveparkhurst | July 28, 2012 in Visual | Comments (0)

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I saw this picture of what appears to be a newsstand in London, the morning after the Olympics officially kicked off, and I was struck by the power of this visual. Only something like the Olympic Games can get every single paper in a city to cover and feature the same exact thing. Not even natural disasters or national tragedies get the same type of coverage.

I am equally struck by the fact that six of the eight newspapers featured in this picture are showing the same picture, or slight variations thereof.

London 2012 Newspapers

Anyway, I thought this picture could serve as a reminder to you that visuals are powerful and words are not always necessary. How does marketing compare to this? Are you using a whole slew of words without saying anything at all? If you can not answer that, we should talk sooner rather than later. Connect with us.