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Starbucks Goes Metal

steveparkhurst | December 6, 2012 in Promotional | Comments (0)

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If you are on the Starbucks¬†email list, you no doubt saw an email in your inbox today featuring the new Starbucks Card offering. The offering isn’t for a discounted pound of the seasonal blend, or a tumbler with unlimited coffee refills. The offer is instead, the card itself: an etched metal card. The card will initially set you back $450, it will be pre-loaded with $400 worth of Starbucks store credit, so the actual cost once you eat or drink $400 worth of Starbucks products, is $50. As a bonus, there are only 5,000 of the cards being made. I would assume if this idea sells, we will soon see many other card offerings, up to and including getting your card custom printed with images you can upload from your computer or phone and 2-4 weeks later your card will arrive in your mailbox.

I would love to see the demographic research that went into this idea. I’m curious how many Starbucks customers are willing to, right before the Christmas holiday, part ways with $450 for a Starbucks card. What are your thoughts?

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