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RCA Notetaper Ad From 1968

steveparkhurst | March 16, 2011 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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RCA really scored big with this 1968 Newsweek ad for the Notetaper.

It’s a pretty good advertisement. The product is clearly pictured, and almost to the point of actually being able to read the words above and below the various buttons. The products capabilities are clearly described, and this Notetaper is clearly positioned as a problem solver, something that will make life easier for all who use it.

RCA Notetaper 1968 - The Parkhurst Group

Think about today’s digital world. An iPhone comes loaded with an app that would do the same things as this recorder. That doesn’t include free apps like Evernote, which allow for the same sort of recording capabilities, then when you’re ready, the recordings are quickly synced with your computer and an online interface. Anything that records digitally automatically comes with the ability to instantly delete. Think about deleting and erasing and rewinding that involves tapes of any sort, much less the type of tapes that no doubt existed in 1968. How far we’ve come.