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That Will Help Sell More Copies For Sure…

steveparkhurst | February 16, 2013 in Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I saw this store display today for Sports Illustrated’s newest Swimsuit issue. Now, upfront, I don’t know who created this display, Sports Illustrated or the store that was selling the magazine. But, I have to imagine that the warning signs will help to sell magazines one way or the other.

I also find it interesting that the store went to the trouble to cover up the magazine cover, as you can see below:

SI Swimsuit - The Parkhurst Group  SI Swimsuit - The Parkhurst Group


Only to see the cover reveal this:

SI Swimsuit - The Parkhurst Group


I am not sure what is so secretive about this cover, I have seen worse covers in recent years, for other magazines, and those magazines did not come with warnings like this.

What do you think it going on here? Sales ploy by the store? Sales ploy by Sports Illustrated? Too much discretion by a store manager not wanting to offend anyone? Share your thoughts.