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The Story Within The Silverlake Church Ad

steveparkhurst | December 10, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional | Comments (0)

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I saw an interesting ad recently, for a church. The volume was low so I did not hear everything being said. But, the closing graphic included the Silverlake logo with the words: The Church Beyond Sunday.

Silverlake Church -

As a matter of positioning, the words “The Church Beyond Sunday” are a great way to demonstrate that this church is more than a church, it’s a place to commit to for more than just one hour a week. It appears to be a place that is a home for you the other six days of the week. Megachurches of today serve this sort of purpose, they offer many things, in many ways, that the older, more traditional churches do not. These megachurches have taken to building communities within the community, while some of them have started trying to appeal to the “unchurched”. Pastors Rick Warren and Joel Osteen of Saddleback and Lakewood churches respectively, are two really good examples of the megachurch community. Maybe there is another church (or churches) somewhere using words similar to “The Church Beyond Sunday”, but I have not seen them.

Lastly, this ad was very effective for another reason. As I stated before, I could not hear the commercial. But, the message in the commercial did not need volume. The visuals created and the story that was told were enough for me to remember what I saw, and I was later able to search for an find Silverlake on the web. In your visual media, are you able to tell a story or get your audience to react to you, without volume? Think about it. Leave a comment here or tweet us @ParkhurstGroup.

Matchbooks: Lloyd’s Restaurant Houston

steveparkhurst | July 28, 2010 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional | Comments (0)

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These matchbooks for Lloyd’s in Houston are simple, yet interesting.

The design is very, very simple, and there is incredibly little wording. The minimal wording is highlighted by the way Lloyd’s uses “THE” to position themselves as the only place worth eating at in Houston. Very smart. This was always a subtle reminder whenever someone reached inside to get and light a match.

Finally, if you know anything about Houston or the Houston region, you know there are at present three prominently used area codes. To dial anywhere in Houston, one must dial the area code. The fact that Lloyd’s listed a phone number, minus the area code, tells you these matchbooks are rather old and Lloyd’s existed “long ago”.

Lloyd's matchbooks - The Parkhurst Group

We’re always interested in your feedback and maybe the visuals of some of your favorite matchbooks. Email them to Steve @ this domain.