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Kenmore Record Is Good Advertising

steveparkhurst | May 12, 2009 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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This might more likely be seen as a piece of memorabilia or nostalgia, but I see it as a great old advertising piece by Kenmore. I was given this item as part of a collection of items, so I don’t know the history of it. I can assume this item was included with Kenmore products at some point in the past. The item is perfectly set up to be placed on a turntable for easily listening to the messages (yes, multiple, there are two messages advertised).

The pitch it pretty straightforward for what it is, but for the few words that are included on this item, this is pretty effective as a visual. The recording promises to share with you how to “get more from your Kenmore”, so that is a pretty effective tease for saving this item long term. And, I really like the plug at the bottom for an “important new Kenmore Service” with the visual of a little repair man with his tool box.

That is a great example of saying something with visuals. That is often important as your potential customer may not read every word you put in front of them. Instead, you can allude to something and include what might today be considered an “icon” for that thing, and you have all of a sudden said something with a visual, thus making the thinking and understanding easier for your potential customer.

This is an item that was likely kept around, “just in case”, as opposed to being tossed in the trash. I’d be curious to know how long these sorts of things were put on records like this and distributed. I wonder what the cost was for something like this at the time. But, those wanderings miss the point; that this a great advertisement.

Kenmore Record - The Parkhurst Group

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