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Starbucks “molten” Misspelling

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It’s always fun to spot things like this. Spotted this at a Starbucks today.

Starbucks molten sign misspelling

Starbucks Red Cups Are Back For 2013

steveparkhurst | November 1, 2013 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Promotional | Comments (0)

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Starbucks Red Cup 2013

It’s November 1st, which of course means last night was Halloween. Oh and, the famous red cups at Starbucks are back today. Easily one of the greatest branding moves in the history of marketing, the red cups mean something different to everyone. Today, I even bypassed using my reusable cup so I could experience the red cup.

Starbucks Introduces Reusable Cup

steveparkhurst | January 12, 2013 in Advertising,Green Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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Starbucks is at it again. Sometimes it seems like Starbucks has so many things going on it is tough to remember what is what. This time the offering is not a new coffee blend or a new brewing system. Their latest promotion has a lot of potential and is doing some good in the meantime.

The new offer is their reusable plastic Starbucks cup. The cup only comes in one size. It comes with a reusable, recyclable plastic lid as well, though the standard Grande lid also fits the cup (this comes in useful if you need to use a stopper). The cup looks like a standard Starbucks cup, complete with the check boxes for your preferences, it is just made of a sturdier plastic.

From a consumer standpoint, this cup pays for itself with your 10th purchase. The cup will set you back $1 initially, but with the 10 cents you save on each purchase, by the 11th visit you are home free.

Starbucks has a history of innovative ideas and trying to do good things, so this is nothing new. This is however, something tangible that a Starbucks customer can actually wrap their heads around. Every time a customer uses this plastic cup instead of a paper cup or two, they can see the number of cups that are keeping out of landfills.

From a marketing standpoint, this should not be a tough sell to a good majority of the Starbucks clientele. One particularly genius aspect they have employed is mentioning “you” as their new partner in reducing cup waste. The store displays are simple, and not very colorful (see the picture below, taken by me). But I would argue the displays are very effective, with a real cup on them, and some artwork on the display itself to demonstrate harmony, or community. If you have seen the display, what were your first thoughts?

Starbucks Reusable - The Parkhurst Group

Do you own one of the reusable cups yet? If not, why not? If so, why was it important for you to buy one?

Starbucks’ In-Store Drink Ads and Tradition

steveparkhurst | December 23, 2012 in Advertising,Branding,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I post about Starbucks quite often. They are literally positioned at the heart of the business world. There is a reason for that.

Every now and then you can question Starbucks’ motives or politics when they make statements or undertake initiatives, for instance this past summer when I wrote about their Let’s Create Jobs campaign.

However, Starbucks does a great job with their in-store advertising, there is not questioning that. Their customers already want Starbucks, that’s why they are in the store. But, the customers may not always know what they want, or they may be in the mood for something different. Starbucks is literally to the point of having something for everyone with their choices being so many.

This in-store ad for the Caramel Brûlée Latte is quite well done. It’s a smaller ad, the size of a large photo, maybe a 8×10. The graphic is great, even down to the red Starbucks Christmas cup. The wording is simple. The offering is clear. The only reason this ad would not be successful would be because of poor placement within the store. I’m not sure Starbucks is capable of poor placement.

Oh, and, nice use of the word “tradition”. Which tradition, Christmas? The Starbucks tradition? Amazingly well done.

Caramel Brulee Latte Ad - The Parkhurst Group

What are your thoughts? Have the in-store ads worked on you? If not at Starbucks, another coffee establishment?

WSJ: A Substitute’s Sacrifice

steveparkhurst | December 21, 2012 in Branding,Earned Media,Marketing | Comments (0)

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Wall Street Journal - The Parkhurst Group

The Wall Street Journal today has a very touching story.

Last week’s mass murder in Newtown, Connecticut has gotten plenty of news coverage, as it should. But, the underlying stories will be of those who lost someone. We will hear from them at every anniversary of that day for years to come.

One of the adults who fell victim last week was a young woman who worked some days as a substitute teacher, and she spent other hours working at a local Starbucks. The young woman, Lauren Rousseau, is recounted in the story by messages from her co-workers on a store display, and by interviews with customers who knew her, chatted with her and laughed with her.

Here is part of the story:

“I saw her face. I realized that was her,” said Erik Granfors, a regular at the location. “She probably served me a hundred cups of coffee.”

Ms. Rousseau, 30 years old, was a substitute teacher at the school and kept her part-time coffee job for the steady income and health benefits she lacked. As she was mourned Thursday by loved ones at a church four miles away, Starbucks customers scrawled eulogies on a memorial set up by her co-workers.

“Always looked forward to our talks,” said a message left on the poster boards perched in the middle of the store. The makeshift display included hand-written notes, a Mickey Mouse doll and a single electric candle.

Patrick Austin, 44, remembered ordering his cappuccinos from Ms. Rousseau, and finding her among the slain came as a shock. “She just had a great, outgoing personality,” he said.

“People are part of your life and you don’t realize it until they’re gone,” agreed Mr. Granfors, 41. “You do have sorrow even if they weren’t a close acquaintance.”

This is pretty powerful. From a business perspective, and I don’t mean to diminish anyone here, this is a great reflection of what it is that Starbucks represents. Starbucks wants to be your Third Place, that place you go after home or work. They also want their employees, or associates, to act as a family and work as a team. The layout of the store equipment is chosen for conversation between patrons and associates. It is those types of conversations that have an impact, that leave an impression.

For a barista to have left this sort of an imprint in the minds of her customers, this is a true testament to her, to her customers, and to a coffee giant that has always looked to do more than just sell cups of coffee.

About That Personalized Gift Card Idea…

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I recently wrote about Starbucks introducing their new etched metal gift cards. In that post I also suggested that at some point there would likely be a Starbucks card which would include “getting your card custom printed with images you can upload from your computer or phone and 2-4 weeks later your card will arrive in your mailbox.” Well, in my email inbox this morning, I see that Dunkin’ Donuts is offering such a card this Christmas. This was such a no-brainer. It’s a great idea to offer this capability, and $2.99 is a more than reasonable price. As you can see, the cards will still include the Dunkin’ logo, but the card front will feature plenty of space for your photo of choice. Will anyone have the Starbucks logo printed on their card?? What a visual that would be.

Dunkin' Donuts personalized - The Parkhurst Group

If you order a personalized card, show it to us on Pinterest or Twitter.


Starbucks Goes Metal

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If you are on the Starbucks email list, you no doubt saw an email in your inbox today featuring the new Starbucks Card offering. The offering isn’t for a discounted pound of the seasonal blend, or a tumbler with unlimited coffee refills. The offer is instead, the card itself: an etched metal card. The card will initially set you back $450, it will be pre-loaded with $400 worth of Starbucks store credit, so the actual cost once you eat or drink $400 worth of Starbucks products, is $50. As a bonus, there are only 5,000 of the cards being made. I would assume if this idea sells, we will soon see many other card offerings, up to and including getting your card custom printed with images you can upload from your computer or phone and 2-4 weeks later your card will arrive in your mailbox.

I would love to see the demographic research that went into this idea. I’m curious how many Starbucks customers are willing to, right before the Christmas holiday, part ways with $450 for a Starbucks card. What are your thoughts?

Starbucks Metal -

The Power of Display and Brand

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Let’s say you somehow happened upon some frosted snowman cookies, neatly stacked in a plastic container, turned and rotated properly so the package contained as many cookies as practical. And the entire package was wrapped in cellophane and has a label with nutrition information. You could also possibly find a loaf of banana walnut bread wrapped and labeled. This is kind of what those items would look like:

Starbucks Cookies - The Parkhurst Group

Now, let’s pretend you are standing in line at your local Starbucks, ready to order your favorite drink,and you stare into the pastry case. This is what you would see:

Starbucks Cookies Display - The Parkhurst Group         Starbucks Banana Walnut Bread - The Parkhurst Group

That’s the power of having the Starbucks brand behind your item. I’ve never been under the illusion that Starbucks pastries are actually prepared in the stores, I have afterall read Howard Schultz’s Onward, and I know the items are prepared at another location and delivered to the stores. But, it is still amazing to me to see what the power of the brand and a nice display can do.

Starbucks Red Cups 2012

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Starbucks has brought the red cups back! Only a powerful brand like Starbucks can make people take notice of a cardboard coffee cup.

Starbucks Red Cup - The Parkhurst Group

Starbucks Food Stickers Suggest Greatness

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Starbucks is using these stickers to seal the bags on some of their food items. Their positioning is brilliant, or great. They assume theirs is the best “great” coffee and theirs foods items are also the best “great”. This is so simple, and these little stickers carry a huge message.

Starbucks Food Ad -