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New Year’s Weight Loss Commercials

steveparkhurst | January 4, 2013 in Marketing,Promotional,Television,Visual | Comments (0)

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2013 has started, and with it, a full dose of weight loss commercials to help motivate and lure those who made weight loss a new year’s resolution. The companies are all very smart. That doesn’t mean the ads are all very good. But, they’re reminding their audience of their new year’s resolution, and they’re offering their gyms as the solution. This is all very subtle and very timely. I’m seeing more of the commercials than I recall seeing in years past. Can you think of how many different gyms you’ve seen ads for in the last two weeks? As for me, I saw Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness commercials the most, and I saw them frequently.

In the past, gyms wanted to rope consumers into one-year contracts. That way, if people quit going to the gym in March, it didn’t matter to the gym, as they had already been paid. The new commercials are featuring quite a few month-to-month or just monthly offers. The motivation here is to get customers to come in at least once and see if they will come back again. Hey, it’s a tough economy out there and getting one customer for one month is better than getting no customers at all.

Have you been seeing these commercials? Have any of them motivated you to join a gym? If so, what worked? Leave a comment here or tweet us.

Long John Silver’s Ad, Strange Kindness

steveparkhurst | December 5, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Television,Visual | Comments (0)

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This is a clever ad from Long John Silver’s. The ad can be summed up by its title, Strange Kindness.

They did a good job of showing customer loyalty and dedication. The deal is so good, two meals for $10, that an over-enthused female customer grabs a co-worker, drags him to and buys him lunch (Kindness), and gets his name wrong at the lunch table (Strange). Turns out, she just wanted a second person at the table so she could get the Two for $10 deal. I think this is a funny ad.

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