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John Egan Appears At Cactus Music

steveparkhurst | May 12, 2012 in Advertising,Music,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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John Egan appeared at Houston’s famous Cactus Music earlier this year for a live performance and CD signing. This is a great picture, taken and tweeted by @psedillo. One interesting aspect is the unintentional advertising being done with this photo. I think it’s cool to see John jamming some blues, with the Cactus sign above and behind him, along with the sign for Saint Arnold Brewing Company to his left, clearly visible. Both signs are very familiar to Houstonians. So, in a piture John will use nationwide to promote himself, two other entities are also benefiting from John’s efforts.

John Egan at Cactus Music 2012 - The Parkhurst Group

Hissee Fit Store Display in Texas

steveparkhurst | May 19, 2011 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I saw this Hissee Fit store display in a gas station super store today. This raises a couple questions.

First of all, it’s a gummy snake, and a 36 inch one at that. Who can eat that much gummy anything?

Second, how many gummy snakes have to be sold in order to cover the cost of this elaborate store display?

Hissee Fit Store Display - The Parkhurst Group

Anyway, it’s a cool and colorful display and it’s a pretty decent size, you can see it’s about a five foot tall display. It’s a big display to sell candy, but it is Texas, everything is bigger in Texas. Have you seen anything like this? Tweet it to us or email it to Steve @ this domain.

Whole Foods Flashes Back To 1980

steveparkhurst | September 21, 2010 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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The local Whole Foods has this simple wall display which features a few of the highlights from 1980, the year Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas. This is a good display. Most people are in line as the cash registers just long enough to read all the points.

Whole Foods 1980 Facts - The Parkhurst Group

San Antonio Riverwalk Poster

steveparkhurst | June 12, 2009 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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This is a great older poster for San Antonio. I don’t see any markings, but I could assume this poster was the creation of the convention and visitors bureau. The only drawback I see is that I¬†suppose someone would have had to have been familiar with the Riverwalk in order to understand this poster. Not everyone would look at a boat surrounded by water, buildings and a bridge and instantly think San Antonio, or Riverwalk.

You will notice the font is older and unique. The use of capital and lowercase letters is a bit odd, but given the era this is probably from, along with the font being used, this probably worked well. Overall, this method of advertising is very good, I’m just not sure this poster worked. If you’re familiar with the origins and purpose of the poster, I’d love to hear that.

I’m not sure which three other cities qualify as “unique” and thus round out the “four”. Do you know?

San Antonio Poster - The Parkhurst Group

If you see other great city advertisements, share them with us. Email Steve @ this domain and indicate if it’s ok for us to post the picture and what credit to give to it.

Clever Pie Shop Promotion

steveparkhurst | March 16, 2009 in Advertising,Marketing,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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What a great, obscure hook. A pie shop attempting to lure customers in, by offering a whole pie for free, with the purchase of six forks. How expensive are those forks? How good is the pie? These are questions one can find out if you are ever in Canton, Texas for First Monday Trade Days.

I was in Canton last September, but I did not buy forks or a pie, but I loved the promotional idea. This is a very clever way to promote or move a product related to a main offering. For instance, if this pie shop was offering free vacuum cleaner bags, that would not make sense. But, you need forks in order to eat a pie (usually), so this offering makes sense.

If you know of some really creative promotions like this, share them with us. If you are in a dilemma as to whether a certain promotional idea you have is right for you, perhaps we should talk. If you need some help or inspiration finding a perfect pairing for your business, again, we should talk.

Pie Shop Sign - The Parkhurst Group