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Houstonians Can Get Tax Day Relief With John Egan

steveparkhurst | April 14, 2013 in Music | Comments (0)

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After you have taken care of your taxes on Monday, stop in at The Big Easy Blues on Kirby and take in some great Blues jams. If you are getting a refund of your money, throw a few dollars in John’s tip jar, or pick up a CD. If you have spent the last several days stressing out, this is a great way to let off some steam, enjoy a few beers and some live, local Blues.

John Egan - The Parkhurst Group

John Egan Still Stomping And Howling

steveparkhurst | March 2, 2013 in Music,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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John Egan is still tearing it up on the Houston Blues scene. Stop in some Monday night and check him out.

John Egan 2013 The Parkhurst Group

John Egan Plays Monday, February 18

steveparkhurst | February 15, 2013 in Music | Comments (0)

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After competing in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge, Houston blues musician John Egan is back at his regular haunt, The Big Easy Blues on Kirby. Stop in and hear the blues master this Monday.

John Egan - The Parkhurst Group

Also, take a look at the Houston Press feature on John from last month.

John Egan’s Final 2012 Show At The Big Easy

steveparkhurst | December 13, 2012 in Music | Comments (0)

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Monday night, December 17, is the final chance to catch John Egan live at The Big Easy Blues in 2012. John will be back at The Big Easy after the fist of the year, but with the following two Mondays being Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, it’s a good time for John to work on some new music, finalize the vinyl pressing and prepare for Memphis (more on Memphis in a later post). Anyway, head out to hear John on Monday night, and follow him on twitter @GinDiaries to be kept up to date on all his appearances and other news.

If you get out to one of John’s shows, be sure to let us know what you think, either here or on twitter @ParkhurstGroup, especially if you take pictures.

John Egan Blues - The Parkhurst Group

John Egan Starts Off Thanksgiving Week

steveparkhurst | November 16, 2012 in Advertising,Music,Visual | Comments (0)

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If you need a little blues music to get your Thanksgiving week started, check out John Egan on Monday night at The Big Easy Blues in Houston. This is a great chance to get started with the Christmas shopping for the blues enthusiast in your life; a signed CD makes a great gift.

John Egan - The Parkhurst Group

From the Houston Chronicle

Check Out John Egan On Monday

steveparkhurst | July 22, 2012 in Music | Comments (0)

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John Egan 7-23-12

Appeared in the Houston Chronicle

If you’re in Houston on Monday evening, stop in and check out blues musician John Egan. CD’s will be available and you won’t be disappointed. The Big Easy is on Kirby, not far from Rice Village and Goode Co. Barbecue, so it’s easy to find and there’s plenty to do in the area.

John Egan Played Monday Night

steveparkhurst | June 27, 2012 in Music,Visual | Comments (0)

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Houston blues artist John Egan performed once again Monday night at The Big Easy. John put on a great show, as usual. If you haven’t made it out to hear him yet, you’re missing out. If you have ever been to The Big Easy, you know it is not a well lit place for photography. One of the patrons last night (@psedillo),¬†took and tweeted this picture. There was probably a flash involved, and then probably an app such as Instagram or Hipstamatic. Anyway, this is cool and you never know when a fan or a friend will step up and do something cool for you, like take a great pic. And something like this can make for a nice advertising piece. The performer might even add it to their website or their next CD insert or cover.

John Egan at The Big Easy - The Parkhurst Group

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