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Ten Billion Lives Ad Vehicle

steveparkhurst | November 17, 2012 in Advertising,Promotional,Visual | Comments (0)

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I spotted this van in a grocery store parking lot last night (it was hard to miss, right?). I’d apologize for the bad lighting, but it was dark, it was a parking lot, and this picture is from my phone. To the point though; as a passerby, I was struck by the bigness of the truck, followed by the unique messaging. The short quotes are to the point and help drive home the idea that the 4-Minute Video is a must-see thing. The truck lures the viewer to this website, I’m not going to spoil the video other than to say it is graphic.

In general, this is a pretty effective way to advertise. The message is short enough and memorable enough that people seeing the van in traffic have time to recall the necessary elements. And, in the case of how I saw the van, park it in a well trafficked parking lot and it will get plenty of notice. I’d argue that I did not even see this van at what the owners and drivers would have considered peak hours. This was a grocery store parking lot with several restaurants, a coffee shop and an ice cream store; the drivers could have been grabbing a snack or a meal, yet their vehicle was doing its job: advertising.

Ten 10 Billion Lives - The Parkhurst Group

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