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Stonefeather and Modern Music Marketing

steveparkhurst | April 24, 2012 in Advertising,Marketing,Music,Promotional | Comments (0)

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Music marketing is an inexact science. It is a tough industry with lots of competitors and a limited playing field; not everyone is looking to buy music, and when they do, not everyone wants the same music, thus the many genres.

New musicians and bands will have to be creative and in many cases, different, in the ways they try to gain fans and buyers. Fortunately, the times are such that the really motivated can find their way through the maze. Social media now allows any number of ways to share music, drive traffic back to original websites and to otherwise engage potential audiences.

Stonefeather is a great example of a lot of this. Stonefeather is based in SoCal. They have been active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram. The band members do a great job of interacting with their fans and keeping them in the loop. This includes things such as pictures, set lists, tattoos, song titles, recording sessions, performances, free cd’s and even promoting fellow bands or musicians that they go watch on their off nights.

Stonefeather - The Parkhurst Group

A lot of these new marketing ideas and concepts have significantly reduced the marketing investment that used to be necessary. While one’s time is a considerable investment, a group of band members can share the duties of the marketing necessities and really have an impact.

So, do you have some killer tricks and ideas for marketing music? If so, share them with us, we always love hearing new ideas. Who else is doing great things? Comment here or tweet us.